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Roderic Lyne's Record of a Meeting with Albert Reynolds and Others on 12 November 1993 and Enclosing David Blatherwick's Record

Writing Peace: The National Archives of the UK (TNA)


Record of a meeting between Roderic Lyne, David Blatherwick, Albert Reynolds, Martin Mansergh and Seán Ó hUiginn, enclosing a further record of the meeting by David Blatherwick and an accompanying letter. Lyne had been sent to reaffirm the British desire for co-operation between the two governments and to outline the difficulties with the Joint Declaration, focusing on the impact of Hume/Adams on it and the anticipated Unionist and Loyalist response to it, whilst maintaining that the initiative had not yet been definitively rejected. The Taoiseach took a hard line, emphasising how much he had personally gone out on a limb to promote the initiative and protect the position of the British government. He argued that it was an opportunity to secure peace at relatively little cost, and that HMG would not be forgiven for missing that chance.

CJ 4/10484 1993
downing street declaration

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