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Record of Meeting between British Government Officials on John McConnell's Discussion with Alec Reid on 20 November 1989

Writing Peace: The National Archives of the UK (TNA)


This document provides an account of the meeting between British Government officials including Peter Brooke, Stephen Leach, John McConnell, Ian Burns, John Deverrel, Jim Daniell and John Blelloch on 20 November 1989. The discussion revolved around the conversation that had taken place between McConnell and Father Alec Reid on 15 November and 19 November 1989. Reid had indicated that he wanted to discuss prisoner matters, and requested a meeting to discuss an initiative which would help bring about a permanent ceasefire. It outlines some basic positions of the British Government that McConnell is instructed to refer to when speaking to Reid.

downing street declaration consent principle ground rules and procedural challenges in the talks inclusion/exclusion of parties paramilitary activity (republicans)

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CJ 4/8792
27 1987 - 1990
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