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Transcript of Peter Brooke's Whitbread Speech Delivered on 9 November 1990

Writing Peace: The National Archives of the UK (TNA)


This is the transcript of the speech delivered by Peter Brooke on 9 November 1990 at the Whitbread Restaurant in London. The speech outlined four aspects of "British Presence" in Northern Ireland, and affirmed that the British Government had no selfish strategic or economic interest in Northern Ireland.

CJ 4/9296 1990
anglo-irish agreement articles 2 & 3/irish constitution consent principle downing street declaration economic development (including ifi) elections and electoral systems executive authority direct rule/suspension ground rules and procedural challenges in the talks identity inclusion/exclusion of parties language and culture military activity (british) north/south cooperation paramilitary activity (republican) paramilitary activity (loyalist) parity of esteem policing and justice referendum security self-determination uk legislation victims

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CJ 4/9296
55 1990 - 1991
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