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Record of a Meeting between Robin Butler and Albert Reynolds on 20 October 1993

Writing Peace: The National Archives of the UK (TNA)


This is Robin Butler's personal recollection of a meeting between himself and the Taoiseach where he explains the British opposition to making a joint declaration at that moment, on the basis of likely Unionist displeasure. The Irish side expressed disappointment. They claimed that this was a historic and fleeting opportunity to make peace, especially given their disagreement with the British intelligence report that the PIRA were generally war weary. As a result of this impasse, Butler places priority on the public presentation of the 'failure' of the JDI, and is anxious to set up further cooperative opportunities to stop the irish government from playing a blame game.

CJ 4/10648 1993
downing street declaration paramilitary activity (republican) paramilitary activity (loyalist) inclusion/exclusion of parties

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CJ 4/10648
38 1993 - 1993
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