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Record of Telephone Conversation between Danny McNeill and John Hume Regarding a Paper Produced by Unionist Leaders on 14 January 1991

Writing Peace: The National Archives of the UK (TNA)


This document provides an account of the telephone conversation that took place between Danny McNeill and John Hume on 14 January 1991, where Hume shared his thoughts on a paper which had been produced in a previous meeting between Peter Brooke and Unionist leaders on 24 December 1990. While Hume was not opposed to the document, it posed a dilemma for him because he did not want the the talks to interfere with the prospects of PIRA bringing paramilitary activity to an end.

downing street declaration framework agreement/framework documents ground rules and procedural challenges in talks inclusion/ exclusion of parties paramilitary activity (republican) parity of esteem strand 2 north/south cooperation

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CJ 4/9296
55 1990 - 1991
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