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Rough Outline Draft of a Possible Agreement

Writing Peace: Dermot Nally Collection


Photocopied rough outline draft for a possible Agreement. The draft includes a declaration by the Irish Government; a declaration by the UK Government; a declaration by all parties to the negotiations including the four democratic political parties in Northern Ireland; constitutional status; institutional arrangements; ratification and entry into effect. It includes an additional Article which could be proposed to follow Article 3 in the Irish Constitution. [The draft seems likely to be the Annex referred to in P254/5 so may also have originated with Noel Dorr.]

P254 1993
downing street declaration north/south cooperation east/west cooperation self-determination consent principle identity articles 2 & 3/irish constitution uk legislation human rights strand 1 strand 2 strand 3 executive authority bill of rights european convention on human rights security policing and justice british-irish intergovernmental conference referendum

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