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(1800) Act of Union (Ireland) 1800. Revised Version

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This is one of the two parallel Acts of Union 1800 which united the Kingdom of Great Britain and Kingdom of Ireland to create the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.

The short title given here was assigned by a 1951 act of the Parliament of Northern Ireland. It was thus referred to by its long title in the later-formed Republic of Ireland.

The long title of the complementary acts was: An Act For The Union Of Great Britain And Ireland.

Prior to the Act, the two kingdoms existed in personal union. When the Act came into force on 1 January 1801 it dissolved the old Irish Parliament and created an amalgamated Parliament, with an Irish minority, at Westminster.

The Act remained in force until the Government of Ireland Act (1920) when Ireland was partitioned.

NOTE: The original version of the Ireland act is not available. This is a revised version with notes of changes made. Note also that the item date given is the date of Royal Assent and not the date the Act became effective.

Titled: The Act of Union (Ireland) 1800 (40 Geo. 3 c. 38)

Published under Crown Copyright. Free to re-use under the Open Government Licence.

Crown Copyright Under the Open Government Licence

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