United States Fifteenth Amendment

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The Senate of the Fortieth Session of Congress

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Session 8228: 1867-07-19 12:00:00

The Senate receives S. 137 from the House with an amendment; H. R. 123 is vetoed and returned to Congress, the Senate reconsiders H. R. 123

Membership (at session start):

Henry B. Anthony, James A. Bayard, Charles R. Buckalew, Simon Cameron, Alexander G. Cattell, Zachariah Chandler, Cornelius Cole, Roscoe Conkling, John Conness, Henry W. Corbett, Aaron H. Cragin, Garrett Davis, James Dixon, James R. Doolittle, Charles D. Drake, George F. Edmunds, Orris S. Ferry, William P. Fessenden, Joseph S. Fowler, Frederick T. Frelinghuysen, James W. Grimes, James Guthrie, James Harlan, John B. Henderson, Thomas A. Hendricks, Jacob M. Howard, Timothy O. Howe, Reverdy Johnson, Edwin D. Morgan, Justin S. Morrill, Lot M. Morrill, Oliver P. Morton, Daniel S. Norton, James W. Nye, David T. Patterson, James W. Patterson, Samuel C. Pomeroy, Alexander Ramsey, Edmund G. Ross, Willard Saulsbury, John Sherman, William Sprague, William M. Stewart, Charles Sumner, John M. Thayer, Thomas W. Tipton, Lyman Trumbull, Peter G. Van Winkle, Benjamin Wade, Waitman T. Willey, George H. Williams, Henry Wilson, Richard Yates (53 total)

Representing 27 delegations:

California Delegation, Connecticut Delegation, Delaware Delegation, Illinois Delegation, Indiana Delegation, Iowa Delegation, Kansas Delegation, Kentucky Delegation, Maine Delegation, Maryland Delegation, Massachusetts Delegation, Michigan Delegation, Minnesota Delegation, Missouri Delegation, Nebraska Delegation, Nevada Delegation, New Hampshire Delegation, New Jersey Delegation, New York Delegation, Ohio Delegation, Oregon Delegation, Pennsylvania Delegation, Rhode Island Delegation, Tennessee Delegation, Vermont Delegation, West Virginia Delegation, Wisconsin Delegation

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  • S. 137: Committee Amendment (e866254)

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