Northern Ireland Brooke/Mayhew Talks 1991-1992

IN THE FINAL STAGES OF EDITING A series of talks launched by Peter Brooke, Secretary of State for Northern in Ireland, which began in April 1991, and were carried on intermittently by Brooke and his successor, Patrick Mayhew, until November 1992.

Political Structures Sub-Committee

Editor's Note: This sub-Committee was initially commissioned by the Plenary to discuss proposals for new political structures in Northern Ireland. By 26 May, the Talks have run into difficulty and the Business Committee sets a fresh agenda and terms of reference for the sub-Committee. It is asked to focus on the impasse in the Talks, and it is agreed that minutes will not be taken or papers circulated beyond the membership of the sub-Committee and the Party Leaders. As there appears to be continuity within the Committee rather than a complete reconstitution, we model the sessions from 27 May as being part of the same sub-Committee. Records for this later period are, however, more scarce since formal minutes were no longer produced.

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Session 11464: 1992-05-15 11:35:00

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  • Alliance Proposals for a New System of Government (e801108)
  • SDLP Paper 'Agreeing New Political Structures' (e801267)
  • UUP Paper 'Arrangements for the Internal Government and Administration of Northern Ireland' (e801401)
    • Imported by 'Arrangements for the Internal Government and Administration of Northern Ireland' (e802239) in All-Party Negotiations,
      on Tuesday, 19 May 1992, at 10:40
  • DUP Paper 'A Sure Advance' (e801445)

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