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Writing Peace: Monica McWilliams Collection

Monica McWilliams is Emeritus Professor in the Transitional Justice Institute at Ulster University, and has campaigned tirelessly for peace and human rights in both Northern Ireland and the wider world for more than four decades. As co-founder of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition (NIWC), she was elected to the Multi-Party Talks in 1996 at a key juncture in the peace negotiations. The section of her archive digitized as part of this project focuses on the negotiation of the Good Friday Agreement (1998-2003) and the process of implementation during Professor McWilliams's time as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (1998-2003).

Cite as: Ruth Murray, Annabel Harris and Harriet Carter, Writing Peace: Monica McWilliams Collection, Quill Project at Pembroke College (Oxford, accessed 2023)



The digitization of the Monica McWilliams Collection is a partnership with Queen's University. The physical archive is housed in the McClay Library, along with wider records of the NIWC and Professor McWilliams’s work with the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission. The digital records created during this collaboration are now being incorporated into an online edition of the Northern Ireland Peace Process using methodology developed by Nicholas Cole and the Quill Project at Pembroke College in the University of Oxford.

The structure of the Collection is based on the categories used in Professor McWilliams's own filing system. Some reorganization has taken place to interweave loose papers and to ensure that records from each Committee are co-located for easier reference.

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