Henry P. H. Bromwell

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"(August 26, 1823 - January 7, 1903) Henry Pelham Holmes Bromwell was an instructor, lawyer, editor, and American politician. Bromwell was born in Baltimore, Maryland and moved to Charleston, Coles County, Illinois in 1857. He studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1853. He took a major role in the founding and building of the Republican Party. He was a delegate to the State Constitutional Convention in 1870. He was a president of the Denver School Board (1871-1874) and a member of the Colorado Territorial Council in 1874. He was also a delegate to the Colorado Constitutional Convention. He turned down both an appointment as judge of Arapahoe County (1878) and an appointment of being chief justice of Utah Territory in 1879. He was appointed by the Governor of Colorado (1879) to compile general statutes of Colorado. Bromwell was elected as a Republican to the 39th and 40th Congress from March 4, 1865 to March 3, 1869, he was not reelected. [Source: 'Biographical Directory of the Unites States Congress 1774 - present', available at https://bioguideretro.congress.gov/Home/MemberDetails?memIndex=B000865]"

Member of Illinois Delegation—United States Fifteenth Amendment, Illinois Delegation—United States Fourteenth Amendment & The Civil Rights Act of 1866.

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