Delos R. Ashley

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"(February 19, 1828 -- July 18, 1873) Delos Rodeyn Ashley was a lawyer, public servant, state treasurer, and American politician. Ashley was born at The Post, Arkansas, moved to California, and then to Virginia City, Storey County, Nevada in 1864. Ashley studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1849. He was a district attorney in California (1851 - 1853), member of the state house of representatives (1854 and 1855, and served in the State senate (1856 and 1857). He was the State treasurer of California in 1862 and 1863. Delos was elected as a Republican to the 39th and 40th Congresses (March 4, 1865 - March 3, 1869), was not a candidate for renomination. [Source: 'Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774 - Present', available at]"

Member of Nevada Delegation—United States Fifteenth Amendment, Nevada Delegation—United States Fourteenth Amendment & The Civil Rights Act of 1866.

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