United States Thirteenth Amendment 1863-65

An amendment to the United States Constitution to abolish slavery introduced during the American Civil War.

Alexander H. Coffroth

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(18 May, 1828 --2 September, 1906) Coffroth was an American politician and lawyer. Born in Somerset County, Pa., Coffroth studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1851. Coffroth was elected as a Democrat to the Thirty-eighth Congress and was reelected to the Thirty-ninth Congress and served until July 18th, 1866 when the election was contested and William H. Koontz replaced his seat. Afterwards, Coffroth was elected to the Forty-sixth Congress. [Source: 'Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774- Present', available at http://bioguide.congress.gov/biosearch/biosearch.asp]

Member of Pennsylvania Delegation—United States Thirteenth Amendment 1863-65, Pennsylvania Delegation—United States Fourteenth Amendment & The Civil Rights Act of 1866.

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