United States Bill of Rights 1789 (2021 Edition)

Twelve articles of amendment to the Constitution, introduced in September 1789 by Congress.

John Hathorn

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(January 9, 1749 – February 19, 1825) Continental Army officer, surveyor, and U.S. Representative.

Hathorn served on the New York State Assembly, where he eventually gained the title of Speaker, and the New York State Senate. Although elected to the Confederation Congress, he did not attend, because soon after his election, it was disbanded. Shortly thereafter, Hathorn was elected as an Anti-Administration candidate to the First Congress and later as a Republican candidate to the Fourth Congress. He also engaged in mercantile pursuits throughout his life.

[‘John Hathorn’, Wikipedia]

Member of New York Delegation —United States Bill of Rights 1789 (2021 Edition), New York Delegation —United States Bill of Rights 1789.

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