Northern Ireland Downing Street Joint Declaration (1993)

This project models the series of formal and informal negotiations which led to the publication, in December 1993, of a declaration issued jointly by the British and Irish Governments. The Joint Declaration was a critical policy document which paved the way for a ceasefire and the entry of Sinn Féin into formal talks. It also laid out a shared set of principles – including, crucially, self-determination for the people of Ireland subject to the consent of the people of Northern Ireland – which would come to underpin the Belfast Good Friday Agreement and provide a framework for its ratification.

Quentin Thomas

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Sir Quentin Jeremy Thomas; Kt 1999; CB 1994. Born 1 August 1944. Under-Secretary in the Northern Ireland Office, 1988–91. Departmental Secretary in, then Political Director of, the Northern Ireland Office, 1991–98.

Member of British Government —Northern Ireland Downing Street Joint Declaration (1993), British Government —Northern Ireland Brooke/Mayhew Talks 1991-1992.

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