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Coles Bashford Visualize "(January 24, 1816 -- April 25, 1878) Coles Bashford was a(n) lawyer, public servant, governor, businessman, and American politician. He was born close to Cold Spring, Putnam County, New York and moved to Wisconsin and then Arizona. Coles studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1842. Bashford was a district attorney for Wayne County (1847 - 1850), member of the Wisconsin senate (1853 and 1855), first Republican Governor of Wisconsin (1855 - 1858), declined running again, first attorney general of Arizona (1864-1866), presiding officer of 1st Territorial Council (1865), and secretary of state of Arizona (1869-1876). Bashford was elected as an Independent to the 40th Congress (March 4, 1867 - March 3, 1869). [Source: 'Biographical Directory of the United States Congress 1774 - Present', available at]" Arizona Territory Delegation (This negotiation)