Alabama Delegation

This is one of the 45 delegations in the convention, accounting for 8 of 329 people who took part.

Members (8):

Name Visualize Details Delegations
Charles W. Buckley Visualize (18 February, 1835 – 4 December, 1906) Buckley was a chaplain, superintendent, and politician. Charles W. Buckley was born in Unadilla, Ostego County, N.Y. He later moved to Freeport, Illinois, and later, Montgomery, Alabama. Buckley was at first a superintendent of education for the Bureau of Refugees and Freedmen up and until he became a member of the state’s constitutional convention in 1867. He served in the 40th, 41st, and 42nd, Congresses from 21 of July, 1868 to the 3rd of March, 1873, in addition to the Republican National Convention in 1896. Source: ‘Biographical Directory of the United States Congress, 1774-Present,’ available at Alabama Delegation (This negotiation)
John B. Callis Visualize (2 January 1828 – 24 September, 1898) Callis was a businessman and officer in the Union army. John Benton Callis was born in Fayetteville, Cumberland County North Carolina. He later moved to Tennessee, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and California, then Minnesota again. Callis was appointed military superintendent prior to his resignation of the army. Soon after, he was elected to the 40th Congress as a Republican for the state of Alabama from July 21, 1868 to the 3 of March, 1869. Alabama Delegation (This negotiation)
Thomas Haughey Visualize (1826- 5 August, 1869) Haughey became a U.S. army surgeon that served in the Union army from 1862 to 1865. Thomas Haughey was born in Glasgow, Scotland but immigrated to the United States with his father. At first, they lived in New York, then Alabama. He was elected as a Republican to the 40th Congress for the state of Alabama from July 21, 1868 to March 3, 1869. He was assassinated while making a political speech on August 5, 1869. Alabama Delegation (This negotiation)
Francis W. Kellogg Visualize (30 May, 1810- 13 January, 1879) Kellogg was a lumberman then colonel in in the Third regiment. Francis William Kellogg was born in Worthington, Massachusetts, but later moved to Columbus, Ohio, Grand Rapids, Michigan, then Mobile Alabama. Kellogg had an extensive political career: serving as a member of the House of Representatives from 1857-1858 and was continuously elected as a Republican to Michigan’s 36, 37, and 38 Congresses (March 4, 1859-March 3, 1865). Alabama Delegation (This negotiation)
Benjamin W. Norris Visualize Benjamin W. Norris (22 January 1819 – 26 January, 1873) Norris was had a variety of professions such as, grocery entrepreneur, lawyer, paymaster, and major in the Union Army. Benjamin White Norris was born in Monmouth, Main. He later moved to Mobile, Alabama while he was serving in the army. Norris studied law and was admitted to the bar in January 1852 for the state of Maine. He was elected to Congress as a Republican to the 40th Congress from July 21, 1868 to March 3, 1869. Alabama Delegation (This negotiation)
Charles W. Pierce Visualize (7 October, 1823 – 18 February 1907) Pierce’s primary professions revolved around his time in the army, first as a volunteer infantryman, then commissioned major. Charles Wilson Pierce was born in Benton, Yates County, New York. He later moved to Hunsville, Ohio, Havana, Illinois, and Demopolic, Alabama. He was elected as a Republican in the 40th Congress from July 21st, 1868, to March 3, 1869. Soon after, he was a member of the Nebraska state convention in 1875. He was elected to Nebraska’s state senate in 1877. Alabama Delegation (This negotiation)
George E. Spencer Visualize (1 November, 1836 – 19 February, 1893) Spencer’s was a practiced lawyer and brevetted brigadier general. George Eliphaz Spencer was born in Champion, Jefferson County, New York. He studied in Canada, moved to Iowa, and Alabama. He was admitted to the bar in 1857. In 1867 he was elected as a Republican to the U.S. Senate, reelected in 1872 and served between 13 July, 1868 to 3 March, 1879. Alabama Delegation (This negotiation)
Willard Warner Visualize (4 September, 1826 – 23 November, 1906) Warner had a variety of profressions, but was mainly an entrepreneur and brevetted brigadier general and major general. Willard Warner was born in Granville, Licking County, Ohio. He studied in Ohio, and moved to Autauga County, Alabama. Warner served two years in the Ohio senate from 1865 to 1867. He was elected as a Republican to the U.S. Senate from July 13, 1869 to March 3, 1871. Alabama Delegation (This negotiation)