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United States Nineteenth Amendment and Edmunds Tucker Act [Early Access - Work in Progress]

The Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution secured the right to vote to women.

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Ernest R. Ackerman Joseph H. Acklen George E. Adams John J. Adams D. Wyatt Aiken Nelson W. Aldrich William Aldrich Joshua W. Alexander Charles H. Allen John M. Allen William B. Allison Edward B. Almon Charles M. Anderson John A. Anderson Sydney Anderson William E. Andrews William N. Andrews Henry B. Anthony Daniel Read Anthony, Jr. David H. Armstrong John Arnot William A. Ashbrook Henry F. Ashurst James Benjamin Aswell John D. C. Atkins Louis E. Atkinson Richard W. Austin William A. Ayres John J. Babka Isaac Bacharach Isaac Bacharach Mark R. Bacon William J. Bacon John Miller Baer George A. Bagley James E. Bailey John M. Bailey Charles S. Baker John H. Baker William H. Baker Henry P. Baldwin L. Heisler Ball J. G. Ballentine Latimer W. Ballou John H. Bankhead William B. Bankhead Nathaniel P. Banks Henry B. Banning Henry E. Barbour John S. Barbour Alben Barkley E. Barksdale George T. Barnes Henry A. Barnhart William H. Barnum David S. Barry F. G. Barry Ellsworth R. Bathrick Thomas F. Bayard, Sr. Thomas M. Bayne Lewis Beach Samuel Beakes Richard Lee T. Beale Curtis C. Bean James B. Beck John C. W. Beckham Carlos Bee George M. Beebe James T. Begg James B. Belford Hiram P. Bell Thomas Montgomery Bell Perry Belmont Charles B. Benedict John S. Benham Risden T. Bennett Carville D. Benson Victor L. Berger James H. Berry Earl Hanley Beshlin George A. Bicknell Henry H. Bingham William F. Birch Horatio Bisbee, Jr. Eugene Black Joseph C.S. Blackburn Fred L. Blackmon James G. Blaine Henry W. Blair Newton C. Blanchard Oscar E. Bland Richard P. Bland S. Otis Bland William Thomas Bland Thomas L. Blanton Orrin D. Bleakley Archibald M. Bliss James H. Blount Lewis V. Bogy William D. Boies Charles F. Booher Andrew Boone Newton Booth William E. Borah William Patterson Borland Gabriel Bouck Franklin Bound Charles A. Boutelle John M. Bowen Thomas M. Bowen George M. Bowers William B. Bowling John C. Box Thomas A. Boyd Charles E. Boyle James D. Brady James H. Brady Edward S. Bragg Charles H. Brand Frank B. Brandegee C. R. Breckinridge William C. P. Breckinridge Lorenzo Brentano Mark S. Brewer Samuel A. Bridges Clay Stone Briggs James F. Briggs John M. Bright Samuel M. Brinson James Jefferson Britt Frederick A. Britten Andrew R. Brodbeck Curtis H. Brogden Edward S. Brooks Edwin B. Brooks Charles E. Brown Joseph E. Brown Thomas M. Brown William W. Brown Edward E. Browne Thomas M. Browne William J. Browning William J. Browning Blanche Bruce Henry Bruckner Clement L. Brumbaugh Charles N. Brumm James Buchanan James P. Buchanan John R. Buck Aylett H. Buckner Solomon Bundy Frank C. Bunnell Horatio C. Burchard Clark Burdick Theodore W. Burdick William J. Burke Henry G. Burleigh James G. Burleigh James N. Burnes John L. Burnett Ambrose Burnside Sherman Everett Burroughs Julius C. Burrows Benjamin F. Butler M. C. Butler Matthew Butler Thomas S. Butler Benjamin Butterworth William D. Bynum James F. Byrnes Joseph W. Byrns George Cabell Richard H. Cain John T. Caine William M. Calder A. J. Caldwell C. Pope Caldwell John William Caldwell William P. Caldwell William H. Calkins Wilkinson Call Johnson N. Camden Angus Cameron J. Donald Cameron Simon Cameron John H. Camp Felix Campbell Guy E. Campbell Jacob M. Campbell James E. Campbell Philip P. Campbell Timothy J. Campbell Allen D. Candler Milton A. Candler Ezekiel S. Candler, Jr. George Q. Cannon Joseph G. Cannon J. Campbell Cantrill Arthur Capper John H. Capstick Thaddeus H. Caraway John F. Carew Joseph M. Carey Ezra C. Carleton Charles Creighton Carlin John G. Carlisle Matt H. Carpenter William Leighton Carss Charles D. Carter William H. Carter William J. Cary John J. Casey Lucien B. Caswell T. C. Catchings Jonathan Chace Jerome B. Chaffee James R. Chalmers George E. Chamberlain Thomas Alberter Chandler Walter M. Chandler Zachariah Chandler P. C. Cheney George M. Chilcott Carl R. Chindblom Simeon B. Chittenden Isaac P. Christiancy Charles A. Christopherson Denver S. Church William Claflin Martin L. Clardy Alvah A. Clark Champ Clark Frank Clark Henry A. Clark Rush Clark John B. Clark, Jr. John B. Clarke David G. Classon Horatio C. Claypool William E. Cleary Judson C. Clements D. B. Cluberson Hiester Clymer Charles P. Coady Thomas R. Cobb Francis Cockrell Richard Coke Nathan Cole R. Clint Cole William H. Cole James W. Collier Francis D. Collins Patrick A. Collins Alfred H. Colquitt LeBaron B. Colt Barnes Compton Charles C. Comstock Edwin H. Conger Omar D. Conger Roscoe Conkling Tom T. Connally John R. Connelly Simon B. Conover Philip Cook Edward Cooper Henry Allen Cooper John G. Cooper William C. Cooper Ira C. Copley William W. Corlett Peter E. Costello James W. Covert William H. H. Cowles Jacob D. Cox Samuel S. Cox William E. Cox William R. Cox Thomas S. Crago William H. Crain Louis C. Cramton William W. Crapo Jordan E. Cravens Charles F. Crisp Charles R. Crisp Thomas T. Crittenden Robert Crosser Frank Crowther Thomas Croxton Charles A. Culberson David Culberson Thomas H. Cullen Shelby M. Cullom Henry J. B. Cummings Albert B. Cummins Gilbert A. Currie Charles F. Curry Andrew G. Curtin Charles Curtis Byron M. Cutcheon Augustus W. Cutler Harry H. Dale Porter H. Dale Frederick W. Dallinger Lorenzo Danford John W. Daniel George W. Dargan Chester B. Darrall George P. Darrow Ira Davenport Martin L. Davey Alexander C. Davidson James H. Davidson Robert H. M. Davidson Charles Russell Davis David Davis Edwin L. Davis Henry G. Davis Horace Davis Joseph J. Davis Robert T. Davis Henry L. Dawes William Dawson Henry De Flood Jaime C. De Veyra Benjamin Dean Perl D. Decker Nathaniel C. Deering John J. Delaney S. Wallace Dempsey Dudley C. Denison Edward E. Denison George R. Dennis S. Hubert Dent George K. Denton Arthur G. Dewalt Nathaniel B. Dial Samuel Dibble George D. Dibrell Henry L. Dickey Clement C. Dickinson L. J. Dickinson Martin Dies Clarence Cleveland Dill William P. Dillingham Charles H. Dillon Nelson Dingley, Jr. Lincoln Dixon Alexander M. Dockery Joseph N. Dolph Fred H. Dominick Jerome F. Donovan Jerome F. Donovan Peter J. Dooling Dudley Doolittle Frank E. Doremus George W. E. Dorsey Stephen W. Dorsey Charles Dougherty Robert L. Doughton Beverly B. Douglas Abraham Dowdney Cassius C. Dowell Herbert J. Drane Dow H. Drukker James W. Dunbar Ransom W. Dunham Pointdexter Dunn Thomas B. Dunn Mark H. Dunnell Henry Garland Dupré Milton J. Durham Jeremiah W. Dwight Leonidas C. Dyer Félix Córdova Dávila John J. Eagan John J. Eagan Joe H. Eagle Benjamin T. Eames William W. Eaton Leonard S. Echols John R. Eden Walter E. Edge George W. Edmonds George F. Edmunds Anthony Eickhoff Joseph B. Elam Nathaniel B. Eldredge W. W. Elisberry Davis Elkins Richard N. Elliott E. John Ellis Charles C. Ellsworth Franklin Ellsworth John A. Elston Frederick D. Ely Henry I. Emerson Daniel Ermentrout Russell Errett John Jacob Esch Frederick Essen Albert Estopinal James B. Eustis Charles R. Evans I. Newton Evans James L. Evans John M. Evans Robert E. Evans William M. Evarts James B. Everhart John H. Evins Thomas Ewing, Jr. James G. Fair Benjamin L. Fairchild Louis W. Fairfield Albert B. Fall James T. Farley John M. Farquhar John R. Farr Charles B. Farwell Charles N. Felton William H. Felton Stephen S. Fenn Bert M. Fernald Scott Ferris Thomas W. Ferry Simeon D. Fess Walbridge A. Field William Jason Fields John V. L. Findlay Ebenezer B. Finley Jesse J. Finley Hubert Fisher Spencer O. Fisher John F. Fitzgerald John J. Fitzgerald George W. Fleeger William B. Fleming Duncan U. Fletcher Henry Flood Joseph V. Flynn Benjamin K. Focht Martin A. Foran George Ford Joseph W. Fordney William H. Forney Greenbury L. Fort George E. Foss Charles Foster Israel M. Foster Martin D. Foster Joseph I. France George B. Francis Benjamin J. Franklin James A. Frear Ben T. Frederick Chapman Freeman Richard P. Freeman Joseph F. Frelinghuysen Burton L. French William P. Frye Alvan T. Fuller Benoni S. Fuller Charles Eugene Fuller William E. Fuller Charles Eugene Fullmer E. H. Funston Thomas Gallagher Jacob H. Gallinger James A. Gallivan Harry L. Gandy James V. Ganly Warren Gard Mills Gardner James A. Garfield Augustus H. Garland Mahlon M. Garland John Nance Garner Daniel E. Garrett Finis J. Garrett William W. Garth Lucien C. Gause Edward J. Gay George W. Geddes
James Z. George Peter G. Gerry Charles H. Gibson Eustace Gibson Randall L. Gibson De Witt C. Giddings Oscar S. Gifford John B. Gilfillan Frederick H. Gillett Carter Glass P. T. Glass John M. Glover John M. Glover James P. Glynn Hannibal L. Godwin Nathan Goff Nathan Goff, Jr. Henry M. Goldfogle James W. Good John Good, Jr. Louis B. Goodall Frank R. Gooding Hannibal L. Goodwin William S. Goodwin Wells Goodykoontz John B. Gordon William Gordon Thomas P. Gore Arthur P. Gorman Norman J. Gould George S. Graham William J. Graham Edward W. Gray George Gray Oscar Lee Gray Robert S. Green Wharton J. Green William R. Green Frank L. Greene William S. Greene Alexander W. Gregg William W. Griest Anthony J. Griffin Daniel J. Griffin Asle J. Gronna James B. Groome Charles H. Grosvenor William W. Grout La Fayette Grover Richard Guenther Thomas M. Gunter Lindley H. Hadley Michael Hahn John Hailey Eugene Hale Frederick Hale John B. Hale B. J. Hall John E. Halsell James A. Hamill James A. Hamill Andrew H. Hamilton Charles M. Hamilton Edward L. Hamilton Courtney W. Hamlin Hannibal Hamlin N. J. Hammond Wade Hampton Lewis Hanback John Hanna Augustus A. Hardenbergh Warren G. Harding Thomas W. Hardwick Guy Urban Hardy Guy W. Hardy Rufus Hardy Alfred C. Harmer Benjamin W. Harris Henry R. Harris Isham G. Harris John T. Harris William J. Harris Benjamin Harrison Carter H. Harrison Pat Harrison Thomas W. Harrison E. Kirke Hart Julian Hartridge William Hartzell Dudley C. Haskell Reuben L. Haskell William W. Hastings William H. Hatch Robert A. Hatcher Gilbert N. Haugen Joseph R. Hawley Willis C. Hawley Carl Hayden Edward D. Hayden Everis A. Hayes Philip C. Hayes Martin A. Haynes Edward D. Hays George C. Hazelton John T. Heard George Hearst Robert D. Heaton Victor Heintz J. Thomas Helfin Henry Thomas Helgesen Harvey Helm Guy T. Helvering John J. Hemphill George W. Hendee Charles P. Henderson David B. Henderson John S. Henderson John S. Henderson Thomas J. Henderson Eli J. Henkle Barclay Henley Daniel M. Henry Walter Lewis Hensley William P. Hepburn Hilary A. Herbert Frank Hereford Binger Hermann Benigno C. Hernández Ira G. Hersey Hugh S. Hersman Abram S. Hewitt Goldsmith W. Hewitt Andrew J. Hickey Frederick C. Hicks John A. Hiestand Benjamin H. Hill N. P. Hill William D. Hill William H. Hill Benjamin Clark Hilliard George Hires Frank Hiscock Gilbert M. Hitchcock Robert R. Hitt George F. Hoar Homer Hoch Edward Everett Holland David Hollingsworth Henry F. Hollis William S. Holman Adoniram J. Holmes George E. Hood Charles E. Hooker A. J. Hopkins Alanson B. Houghton L. C. Houk John F. House William C. Houston Everett B. Howard Jonas G. Howard William S. Howard Timothy O. Howe Jay A. Hubbell Thomas R. Hudd George Huddleston Claude Benton Hudspeth George Murray Hulbert Willis J. Hulings Cordell Hull Harry E. Hull Herman L. Humphrey Benjamin G. Humphreys II John N. Hungerford Morton C. Hunter Eppa Hunton James W. Hustead Paul O. Husting Elijah C. Hutchinson Elijah C. Hutchinson John E. Hutton William Leo Igoe John J. Ingalls Clifford Ireland Alfred B. Irion Anthony F. Ittner Howell E. Jackson Oscar L. Jackson Orange Jacobs Henderson M. Jacoway Amaziah B. James Darwin R. James W. Frank James Albert W. Jefferis Albert Johnson Ben Johnson Edwin S. Johnson Frederick A. Johnson Hiram W. Johnson Royal C. Johnson Paul B. Johnson, Sr. James T. Johnston John B. Johnston John W. Johnston Thomas D. Johnston Benjamin F. Jonas Andrieus A. Jones Charles W. Jones Evan J. Jones Frank Jones J. H. Jones James K. Jones James T. Jones John Marvin Jones John P. Jones John S. Jones Wesley L. Jones William Atkinson Jones Joseph Jorgensen Anthony Joseph Anthony Joseph Charles H. Joyce Niels Juul Julius Kahn Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Arthur Kapper Charles C. Kearns Edward Keating Walter Kehoe J. Warren Keifer Edwin W. Keightley Oscar Keller Thomas W. Keller Patrick H. Kelley William D. Kelley Frank B. Kellogg William Pitt Kellogg M. Clyde Kelly Samuel A. Kendall John B. Kendrick John E. Kenna Ambrose Kennedy Charles A. Kennedy William S. Kenyon Francis Kernan John H. Ketcham John H. Ketcham William Kettner John A. Key Henry W. Keyes Jefferson P. Kidder Edgar R. Kiess John W. Killinger William Kimmel David Hayes Kincheloe Edward John King J. Floyd King William H. King Moses P. Kinkaid William F. Kirby Samuel J. Kirkwood Claude Kitchin John C. Kleczka John J. Kleiner Robert M. Knapp J. Proctor Knott Philander C. Knox Harold Knutson Milton Kraus Aaron S. Kreider Aaron S. Kreider William Leroy La Follette Robert M. La Follette, Sr. Robert M. LaFollette Fiorello H. LaGuardia Polk Laffoon James Laird Lucius Q. C. Lamar Florian Lampert George M. Landers Silas Z. Landes John W. Langley Fritz G. Lanham S. W. T. Lanham William C. Lankford Elbridge G. Lapham William W. Larsen William Lathrop Frank Lawler Caleb R. Layton Ladislas Lazaro Benjamin Le Fevre Clarence F. Lea Gordon Lee Frederick R. Lehlbach Frederick R. Lehlbach Herman Lehlback Irvine L. Lenroot John E. Leonard John V. Lesher Asbury Francis Lever James Hamilton Lewis Harry Libbey Robert F. Ligon Stephen D. Lindsey James G. Lindsley J. Charles Linthicum Edward C. Little John Little Adam B. Littlepage Charles O. Lobeck Daniel N. Lockwood Henry Cabot Lodge Carl A. Loeffler John A. Logan Meyer London Augustine Lonergan John D. Long Nicholas Longworth Charles B. Lore George B. Loring J. A. Louttit Henry B. Lovering Robert Lowry Robert Luce Willfred W. Lufkin Oscar R. Luhring Ernest Lundeen George R. Lunn John K. Luttrell Joseph Lyman William P. Lynde Walter W. MaGee John MacCrate Clarence MacGregor Levi A. Mackey Martin B. Madden Martin Maginnis James P. Maher William Mahone Peter P. Mahoney Levi Maish Samuel C. Major Thomas J. Majors Charles F. Manderson James R. Mann Vannoy H. Manning Joseph J. Mansfield Carl Mapes H. H. Markham Benjamin F. Marsh Thomas R. Marshall Benjamin F. Martin George B. Martin John M. Martin Louis St. Martin Thomas S. Martin Whitmell P. Martin William E. Mason Courtland C. Matson Stanley Matthews Samuel B. Maxey William C. Maybury Stephen L. Mayham James H. Mays James Henry Mays William McAdoo James McAndrews Clifton N. McArthur James V. McClintic Louis E. McComas Anson G. McCook Joseph M. McCormick Medill McCormick James B. McCreary Thomas C. McCreery Roscoe C. McCulloch Porter J. McCumber James W. McDill Joseph E. McDonald John McDuffie Louis T. McFadden Cornelius A. McGlennon Jonas H. McGowan Kenneth D. McKellar Joseph McKenna James A. McKenzie John C. McKenzie Tom D. McKeown Richard F. McKiniry William B. McKinley William McKinley, Jr. Patrick McLane James C. McLaughlin Joseph McLaughlin Melvin O. McLaughlin George P. McLean A. Jeff McLemore John A. McMahon Samuel J. R. McMillan Benton McMillin Charles L. McNary Isaac V. McPherson John R. McPherson Thomas C. McRae James M. Mead Jacob Edwin Meeker Truman A. Merriman Augustus S. Merrimon Schuyler Merritt Lyne S. Metcalfe Earl C. Michener Stephen C. Millard Clarence B. Miller J. F. Miller John F. Miller Warner Miller John F. Miller (CA) Jacob L. Milligan Seth L. Milliken Roger Q. Mills Daniel F. Minahan Charles L. Mitchell John H. Mitchell John I. Mitchell Seth C. Moffatt James G. Monahan Franklin Wheeler Mondell Hernando Money James Monroe Andrew Jackson Montague John Austin Moon Charles A. Mooney C. Ellis Moore J. Hampton Moore R. Walton Moore Merrill Moores Charles H. Morgan Dick Thompson Morgan J. B. Morgan John T. Morgan John M. Morin E. N. Morrill Justin S. Morrill William R. Morrison W. W. Morrow Leopold Morse Oliver H. T. P. Morton George H. Moses Luther W. Mott Sydney Emanuel Mudd II Frederick W. Mulkey Frederiick W. Mulkey Nicholas Muller Henry L. Murdrow B. Frank Murphy J. H. Murphy Henry L. Myers Henry S. Neal John R. Neal William H. Neece Matthew M. Neely James S. Negley Adolphus P. Nelson John M. Nelson Knute Nelson William L. Nelson Harry S. New Truman H. Newberry Francis G. Newlands Cleveland A. Newton Walter Newton Charles Archibald Nicholas Samuel J. Nicholls John I. Nolan Amasa Norcross George W. Norris Patrick Daniel Norton Thomas M. Norwood John F. Nugent David J. O'Connell James O'Connor James O'Donnell Charles T. O'Ferrall James E. O'Hara
Charles O'Neill John J. O'Neill George Francis O'Shaunessy William C. Oates Charles F. Ogden Richard J. Oglesby William A. Oldfield Daniel C. Oliver S. Addison Oliver William B. Oliver Richard Olney II Edwin S. Osborne Henry Z. Osborne Joseph H. Outhwaite Lee S. Overman Lee S. Overman Arthur W. Overmyer James W. Overstreet Edward Overton, Jr. Robert L. Owen William D. Owen Romualdo Pacheco Algernon Paddock Lemuel Phillips Padgett Caroll S. Page Horace F. Page Calvin D. Paige Thomas W. Palmer Frank Park Abraham X. Parker James S. Parker Richard W. Parker Lucian W. Parrish George W. Patterson John J. Patterson Thomas M. Patterson Henry B. Payne Sereno E. Payne Lewis E. Payson Thomas B. Peddie Samuel W. Peel Hebert C. Pell, Jr. George H. Pendleton Boies Penrose Bishop W. Perkins William H. Perry John A. Peters Samuel R. Peters A. H. Pettibone James D. Phelan Michael F. Phelan James Phelps William W. Phelps William A. Phillips Lawrence C. Phipps James N. Pidcock Austin F. Pike John S. Pindar William A. Pirce Key Pittman Edmund Platt Orville H. Platt Preston B. Plumb Ralph Plumb Miles Poindexter Albert F. Polk Henry M. Pollard Atlee Pomerene Stephen G. Porter Clarkson N. Potter Edward W. Pou Thaddeus C. Pound Caleb Powers Llewellyn Powers Harry H. Pratt Hiram Price Jesse D. Price William T. Price Auburn Pridemore Luke Pryor James L. Pugh John H. Pugh Joseph Pulitzer Fred S. Purnell Percy E. Quin Terence J. Quinn Amos H. Radcliffe J. Willard Ragsdale Henry T. Rainey John W. Rainey Joseph Rainey Lilius Bratton Rainey John E. Raker John R. Ramsey John R. Ramsey C. William Ramseyer Charles H. Randall Clifford E. Randall Samuel J. Randall James H. Randolph Theodore F. Randolph Joseph E. Randsell Jeannette Rankin Joseph Rankin Ambrose A. Ranney Matt W. Ransom Sam Rayburn David Rea John H. Reagan C. Frank Reavis John Reber Daniel A. Reed James A. Reed Stuart F. Reed Thomas B. Reed Seaborn Reese James W. Reid James B. Reilly marion E. Rhodes Americus V. Rice William W. Rice James D. Richardson Edwin D. Ricketts Carl W. Riddick Haywood Y. Riddle Harrison H. Riddleberger James M. Riggs Daniel J. Riordan William M. Robbins Charles B. Roberts Edwin E. Roberts Edward W. Robertson Thomas A. Robertson Edward E. Robins George D. Robinson Joseph T. Robinson Leonidas D. Robinson Milton S. Robinson John M. Robsion Francis W. Rockwell William A. Rodenberg John H. Rogers John J. Rogers Edward H. Rollins Jacob Romeis Trinidad Romero Milton A. Romjue John M. Rose Miles Ross Arthur B. Rouse Joseph Rowan Frederick W. Rowe Johnathan H. Rowell Charles H. Rowland Thomas L. Rubey William W. Rucker Joseph J. Russell Thomas Ryan Adolf J. Sabath Dwight M. Sabin Thomas W. Sadler Ezekiel S. Sampson Archie D. Sanders Everett Sanders Jared Y. Sanders, Sr. George A. Sanderson Rollin B. Sanford William F. Sapp Aaron A. Sargent Eli M. Saulsbury Willard Saulsbury, Jr. Alvin Saunders Edward W. Saunders John G. Sawyer Philetus Sawyer J. D. Sayers Milton Sayler Milton Sayler Alfred M. Scales Thomas D. Schall Gustave Schleicher Frank D. Scott George Cromwell Scott John R. K. Scott William L. Scott Joseph A. Scranton Thomas J. Scully Thomas J. Scully William J. Sears Sam R. Sells George E. Seney Walter L. Sessions William J. Sewell Leonidas Sexton Edward W. Seymour Dorsey W. Shackleford John F. Shafroth Ashton C. Shallenberger William S. Shallenberger William Sharon Frank T. Shaw William P. Sheffield Charles M. Shelley Morris Sheppard J. Swagar Sherley John Sherman Lawrence Y. Sherman Isaac R. Sherwood James Shields John K. Shields Jouett Shouse Milton M. Shreve Isaac Siegel Furnifold M. Simmons Thetus Willrette Sims James H. Sinclair Otho R. Singleton Clement H. Sinnickson Nicholas J. Sinnott Thomas U. Sisson Thomas G. Skinner James H. Slater James L. Slayden William F. Slemons C. Bascom Slemp Charles Henry Sloan John Humphrey Small Robert Smalls A. Herr Smith Addison T. Smith Ellison D. Smith Frank L. Smith Hoke Smith John M. C. Smith John Walter Smith Joseph I. Smith Marcus A. Smith Thomas F. Smith William Alden Smith William E. Smith John H. Smithwick Reed Smoot Bertrand H. Snell John S. Snook Charles P. Snyder Homer P. Snyder Milton I. Southard William H. Sowden William A. J. Sparks George E. Spencer Selden P. Spencer Henry J. Spooner John C. Spooner J. Thomas Spriggs William M. Springer William H. Stafford William G. Stahlnecker Leland Stanford Augustus O. Stanley John H. Starin Henry B. Steagall Charles M. Stedman George W. Steele Henry J. Steele Walter L. Steele Halvor Steenerson William Stenger Alexander Stephens Ambrose E.B. Stephens Dan V. Stephens Hubert D. Stephens Isaac Stephenson Bruce F. Sterling Thomas Sterling Hiram S. Stevens William F. Stevenson Charles Stewart Jacob H. Stewart John W. Stewart Walter Russell Stiness Eben F. Stone John W. Stone Joseph C. Stone William J. Stone William J. Stone John B. Storm Horace B. Strait James G. Strong Nathan L. Strong Isaac S. Struble Christopher D. Sullivan Charles A. Sulzer John W. Summers Hatton W. Sumners Howard Sutherland Thomas Swann Claude A. Swanson Burton E. Sweet Oscar W. Swift John Swinburne Robert M. Switzer John A. Swope King Swope George G. Symes Peter Francis Tague Timothy E. Tarsney W. P. Taulbee Edward Thomas Taylor Ezra B. Taylor Isaac H. Taylor J. Will Taylor John M. Taylor Samuel M. Taylor Zach Taylor Henry M. Teller Henry W. Temple Thomas W. Templeton Charles S. Thomas John R. Thomas Louis Thomas Ormsby B. Thomas Robert Y. Thomas, Jr. Albert C. Thompson Charles J. Thompson John M. Thompson Joseph Bryan Thompson William H. Thompson Jacob M. Thornburgh James W. Throckmorton Allen G. Thurman George D. Tillman John N. Tillman John Q. Tilson Charles Bateman Timberlake Jasper Napoleon Tincher George H. Tinkham Thomas F. Tipton Joseph K. Toole Horace M. Towner Amos Townsend Charles E. Townsend Martin I. Townsend Richard W. Townshend Park Trammell Allen T. Treadway C. F. Trigg John R. Tucker Henry G. Turner Thomas Turner Jacob Turney Oscar W. Underwood William D. Upshaw William Newell Vaile Carl Van Dyke H. S. Van Eatson Isaac W. Van Schaick Nelson H. Van Vorhes Charles H. Van Wyck Robert B. Vance Zebulon B. Vance James K. Vardaman William S. Vare William D. Vedeer William Webb Venable George G. Vest Albert H. Vestal Egbert L. Viele Carl Vinson Edward Voigt Andrew Volstead Charles S. Voorhees Daniel W. Voorhees Alfred M. Waddell William H. Wade Bainbridge Wadleigh W. H. Wadsworth James W. Wadsworth, Jr. John T. Wait J. B. Wakefield William F. Waldow James D. Walker John R. Walker William A. Wallace David I. Walsh Joseph Walsh Thomas J. Walsh William Walsh Anderson H. Walters E. C. Walthall William Bell Walton Charles B. Ward James H. Ward Thomas B. Ward William Ward A. J. Warner Levi Warner William Warner Francis E. Warren Edward Hills Wason John Thomas Watkins Henry Wilfield Watson James E. Watson Lewis F. Watson Walter Allen Watson Archibald J. Weaver J. B. Weaver Zebulon Weaver Edwin Y. Webb John B. Weber J. Stanley Webster John W. Weeks Frank Welch Olin Wellborn Milton H. Welling Milton H. Welling Benjamin F. Welty George West Rhicard S. Whaley Joseph Wheeler Loren E. Wheeler William A. Wheeler Alexander C. White George White Harry White Hays B. White Michael D. White Milo White Wallace H. White, Jr. William Whiting Washington C. Whitthorne William Pinkney Whyte James Wickersham Peter D. Wiggington Beriah Wilkins A. P. Williams Alpheus S. Williams Andrew Williams Charles G. Williams James Williams Jeremiah N. Williams John S. Williams John Sharp Williams Richard Williams Thomas S. Williams Albert S. Willis Benjamin A. Willis Frank B. Willis Edwin Willits Benjamin Wilson Ephraim K. Wilson James Clifton Wilson James F. Wilson John Haden Wilson Riley Joseph Wilson William L. Wilson William W. Wilson Edwin B. Winans William Windom Otis Wingo Samuel E. Winslow George D. Wise James W. Wise Robert E. Withers Josiah O. Wolcott Frank L. Wolford Fernando Wood William R. Wood William Woodburn Frank P. Woods James P. Woods Harry C. Woodyard Nicholas E. Worthington Thomas Wren Hendrick B. Wright William C. Wright Teodoro R. Yangco Richard Yates Jesse J. Yeates George M. Young H. Casey Young James Young John S. Young Frederick N. Zihlman

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