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The Congressional Globe


Congressional Globe and Appendix First Session Fortieth Congress. Complete in One Volume.
Vol. 38:

Congressional Globe for the Second Session Fortieth Congress
Vol. 39, Part 1:
Vol. 39, Part 2:
Vol. 39, Part 3:
Vol. 39, Part 4:
Vol. 39, Part 5:

Congressional Globe and Appendix Third Session Fortieth Congress: In Three Parts.
Vol. 40, Part 1:
Vol. 40, Part 2:
Vol. 40, Part 3:

[EDITOR'S NOTE: After the 14th volume of the Congressional Globe, the volume number was no longer included in the original documents. However, libraries have continued to label the spines of the Congressional Globe with volume numbers. Therefore, we have included the volume numbers in our citations for the 13th Amendment, 14th Amendment, and 15th Amendment projects in Quill.]

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