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Northern Ireland All-Party Talks June 1996 - April 1998

Writing Peace

Talks under the Chairmanship of Senator George B. Mitchell. We have only just started this project.

Cite as: Ruth Murray, Annabel Harris, Harriet Carter, Ian McBride and Nicholas P. S. Cole, Northern Ireland All-Party Talks June 1996 - April 1998, Quill Project at Pembroke College (Oxford, 2023).

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People Icon139 People
Procedures Icon157 Procedures
Documents Icon76 Documents
Decisions Icon112 Decisions

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7 historical records used for this dataset.


17 committees met in 126 sessions.

Average 18.00 sessions each.


Dates from Wednesday, 04 January 1995 to Monday, 26 January 1998.


139 people in 13 voting delegations.

Top 5 most active people are:

Summary of person events:

  • Person join icon 50 join a committee.
  • Person leave icon leave a committee.
  • Person elect icon elections to a position.


157 procedural motions considered.

Summary of procedural events:

  • Procedural motion icon 157 procedural motion proposed.
  • Debate motion icon 260 motions debated.


76 documents considered with 30 amendments presented.

Summary of document events:

  • Create a new document proposal 76 new documents created.
  • Document copied 6 documents passed from another committee.
  • Document amended 28 amendments to a document proposed.
  • Debate a document proposal 81 debates on a proposal.


112 number of decisions made.

Summary of decision made:

  • Vote adopt icon 49 proposals adopted.
  • Vote reject icon 6 proposals rejected.
  • Vote refer icon 8 proposals referred to another committee.
  • Postpone debate icon 6 debate of a proposal postponed.
  • Vote drop icon 8 proposal dropped from discussion without a formal vote.
  • Vote drop icon some other decision on a proposal.

List of proposals by delegation

List of proposals by person

Writing Peace: Monica McWilliams Collection

Monica McWilliams is Emeritus Professor in the Transitional Justice Institute at Ulster University, and has campaigned tirelessly for peace and human rights in both Northern Ireland and the wider world for more than four decades. As co-founder of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition (NIWC), she was elected to the Multi-Party Talks in 1996 at a key juncture in the peace negotiations. The section of her archive digitized as part of this project focuses on the negotiation of the Good Friday Agreement (1998-2003) and the process of implementation during Professor McWilliams's time as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (1998-2003).

Writing Peace: John Alderdice Collection

From the mid-1980s, John, now Lord, Alderdice, was intimately involved in the Irish peace process. His archive spans more than thirty years of negotiation and implementation, from his early days in the Alliance Party in the 1980s, through his leadership of the party during several phases of multi-party talks in the 1990s, to the implementation of the Good Friday Agreement during his time as the first Speaker of the new Northern Ireland Assembly. It also includes a small section on the Sunningdale Conference, inherited from previous party leaders, as a testimony to the origins of the 1998 Agreement.

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