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The Committee of Detail Removed Councils by lchervinsky (lchervinsky)

Advising the President

Cite as: lchervinsky, ‘The Committee of Detail Removed Councils’ in Lindsay Chervinsky, Advising the President, Quill Project at Pembroke College (Oxford, 2016), item 87.

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The Committee of Detail Removed Councils


When the delegates created the Committee of Detail on July 24, they provided a number of proposals for the Committee to consider. These proposals included the Council of Revision outlined in the Virginia Plan and the advisory council suggested in Charles Pinckney's Plan. When the Committee submitted its report on August 6, it had removed both the Council of Revision and the advisory council from its draft. Instead of a Council of Revision, Article VI, Section 13 granted the President a veto over legislation. No notes or meeting minutes survive from the Committee's deliberations, so it remains a mystery why the Committee removed all mention of a council.

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