United States Nineteenth Amendment and Edmunds Tucker Act [Early Access - Work in Progress]

The Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution secured the right to vote to women.

United States Senate

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Session 7793: 1887-01-25 00:00:00

S. R. 5 is debated and voted in the negative

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Petition Against the Further Extension of Suffrage to Women

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To the honorable Senate and House of Representatives:

We, the undersigned, respectfully remonstrate against the further extension of suffrage to women.

H.P. Kidder. Rev. J. P. Bodfish, chancellor, Cathedral Holy Cross. Henry Parkman. O. W. Peabody. W. H. Sayward. R. M. Morse, jr. Charles A. Cummings. Charles A. Welch. Rt. Rev. B. H. Paddock, bishop of Massachusetts. Hon. S. C. Cobb. Augustus Lowell. Sidney Bartlett. Francis Parkman, LL.D. John C. Gray. Thomas Bailey Aldrich. Rev. Henry M. Dexter. Louis Brandeis. Edmund Dwight. Rev. H. Brooke Herford. Hon. George G. Crocker. Charles H. Dalton. Rev. O. B. Frothingham. John Bartlett. Henry Lee. Rev. Ellis Wendell. John Fiske. W. Endicott, jr. Rev. Geo. F. Staunton. J. T. G. Nichols, M. D. Samuel Wells. Rev. A. H. Heath. C. E. Vaughan, M. D. Jon. John Lowell. Rev. W. H. Dowden. John Homans, M. D. William G. Russell. Rev. J. B. Seabury. Chauncey Smith. John C. Ropes. Rev. C. Woodworth. Benj. Vaughan. Robert D. Smith. Rev. Leonard K. Storrs. Charles F. Walcott. George A. Gardner. Rev. Howard N. Brown. J. B. Warner. F. Haven, jr. Rev. Edward J. Young. Walter Dean. W. Powell Mason. Rev. Andrew P. Peabody. S. H. Kennard. B. F. Stevens. Rev. George Z. Gray. E. Whitney. Charles Marsh. Rev. Williams Lawrence. W. P. P. Longfellow. Charles W. Eliot, president Harvard University. Rev. E. H. Hall. H. O. Houghton. Rev. Nicholas Hoppin. J. M. Spelman. Rev. David G. Haskins. J. C. Dodge. Prof. C. F. Dunbar. Rev. L. S. Crawford. E. S. Dixwell. Prof. J. P. Cook. Rev. J. I. T. Coolidge. L. S. Jones. Prof. J. Lovering. Rev. Henry A. Hazen. G. W. C. Noble. Prof. W. W. Good win. Rev. F. H. Hedge. Charles Theodore Russell. Prof. Francis Bowen. Rev. H. A. Parker. Clement L. Smith. Prof. Wolcott Gibbs. Rev. Asa Bullard. Ezra Farnsworth. Prof. F. J. Child. Rev . Alexander McKenzie. H. H. Edes. Prof. John Trowbridge. Rev. J.F. Spaulding. Hon. R. R. Bishop. Prof. G. L. Goodale. Rev. S. K. Lothrop. H. H. Sprague. Prof. J. B. Greenough. Rev. E. Osborne, S. S. J. E. Charles R. Codman. Prof. H. W. Torrey. Rev. Leighton Parks. Darwin E. Ware. Prof. J. H. Thayer. Rev. H. W. Foote. Arthur E. Thayer. Prof. E. W. Gurney. Rev. Morton Dexter. C. F. Choate. Tustin Winsor. Rev. David H. Brewer. Richard H. Dana. H. W. Paine. Rev. Judson Smith. O. D. Forbes. Hon. W. E. Russell. Rev. L. W. Shearman. Edward L. Geddings. James C. Fiske. Rev. Charles F. Dole. William V. Hutchings. George Putnam. Rev. George M. Boynton. John L. Gardner. C. A. Curtis. Rev. D. W. Waldron. L. M. Sargent. T. Jefferson Coolidge. Rev. John A. Hamilton. H. L. Hallett. T.K. Lothrop. Rev. Isaac P. Langworthy. E. P. Brown. Augustus P. Loring. Rev. E. K. Alden. W. A. Tower. W. F. Draper. Rev. E. E. Strong. J. Edwards. George Draper. Rev. M.D. Bisbee. G. H. Campbell. Francis Brooks. Rev. Oliver S. Dean. Samuel Carr, jr. Edward Brooks. Richard <. Hodges, M. D. Francis Peabody, jr. J. Randolph Coolidge. Henry J. Bigelow, M.D. Harcourt Amory. J. Eliot Cabot. Charles D. Romans, M.D. F. E. Parker. Fred. Law Olmstead. George H. Lyman, M. D. A. S. Wheeler. Charles S. Sargent. John Dixwell, M.D. Jacob C. Rogers. C. A. Richardson. R. M. Pulsifer. S. G. Snelling. Charles F. Shimmin. Edward L. Beard. C. H. Barker. Edward Bangs. Solomon Lincoln. J. H. Walker. J. G. Freeman. G. B. Haskell. Forrest E. Barker. H. H. Coolidge. John Boyle O'Reilly. John D. Washburn. David Hunt. Arlo Bates. Martin Brimmer. Alfred D. Hurd. Horace P. Chandler. Fred L. Ames. Edward L Brown. George O. Shattuck. Hon. A. P. Martin. W. G. Saltonstall. Hon. Alex. H. Rice. Thomas Weston, jr. Henry Cabot Lodge.

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