U.S. Constitutional Convention 1787 (2021 Edition)

Grand Convention at Philadelphia, May to September, 1787, Quill Project 2021 Edition.

Committee of Detail

Committee charged with creating a Constitution based on the resolutions agreed by the Convention.

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Session 6313: 1787-08-21 10:00:00

Proposals for further Congressional powers received and a second report drawn up for the Convention.

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Second Report of the Committee of Detail

There are 0 proposed amendments related to this document on which decisions have not been taken.

The Committee report that in their opinion the following additions should be made to the report now before the Convention vizt

at the end of the 1st clause of the 1st section of the 7 article add

“for payment of the debts and necessary expences of the United States — provided that no law for raising any branch of revenue, except what may be specially appropriated for the payment of interest on debts or loans shall continue in force for more than years”

at the end of the 2nd clause, 2 sect. 7 article add

“and with Indians, within the Limits of any State, not subject to the laws thereof”

at the end of the 16 clause of the 2 sect. 7 article add

“and to provide, as may become necessary, from time to time, for the well managing and securing the common property and general interests and welfare of the United States in such manner as shall not interfere with the Governments of individual States in matters which respect only their internal Police, or for which their individual authorities may be competent”

at the end of the 1st section 10 article add

“he shall be of the age of thirty five years, and a Citizen of the United States, and shall have been an Inhabitant thereof for Twenty one years”

after the 2nd section of the 10th article insert the following as a 3rd section.

“The President of the United States shall have a Privy-Council which shall consist of the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of representatives, the Chief-Justice of the Supreme-Court, and the principal Officer in the respective departments of foreign affairs, domestic-affairs, War, Marine, and Finance, as such departments of office shall from time to time be established — whose duty it shall be to advise him in matters respecting the execution of his Office, which he shall think proper to lay before them: But their advice shall not conclude him, nor affect his responsibility for the measures which he shall adopt”

at the end of the 2nd section of the 11 article add

“The Judges of the Supreme Court shall be triable by the Senate, on impeachment by the House of representatives” Between the 4 & 5 lines of the 3rd section of the 11 article, after the word “controversies” — insert

“between the United States and an individual State, or the United States and an individual person”

Decisions yet to be taken