U.S. Constitutional Convention 1787 (2021 Edition)

Grand Convention at Philadelphia, May to September, 1787, Quill Project 2021 Edition.

Committee of Detail

Committee charged with creating a Constitution based on the resolutions agreed by the Convention.

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Session 6308: 1787-07-27 11:00:00

Wilson's initial constitutional framework drawn up.

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Document V: Wilson's Constitutional Framework

There are 0 proposed amendments related to this document on which decisions have not been taken.

We The People of the States of New-Hampshire &C, already confederated united and known by the Stile of the “United States of America” do, ordain declare and establish the following Frame of Govt as the Constitution of the said United States


The legislative Power of the United States shall be vested in two in a general Assembly to consist of two separate and distinct Bodies of Men, the one to be called the House of Representatives, of the People of the United States the other the Senate of the United States; each of which Bodies shall have a Negative on the other


The Members of the House of Representatives shall be chosen biennially by the People of the United States in the following Manner.

Every Freeman of the Age of twenty one Years who has resided in the United States for the Space of one whole Year immediately preceding the Day of Election, and has a Freehold Estate in at least fifty Acres of Land

The Continuation of the Scheme

1. To treat of the Powers of the legislative

2. To except from those Powers certain specified Cases

3 To render in certain Cases a greater Number than a Majority necessary

4. To assign to H. Repr — any Powers peculiarly belonging to it

5 To assign, in same Manner, Powers which may, with Propriety be vested in it.

6 To treat of the Executive

7 _______ of the Judiciary

Miscellaneous Resolutions

1. Admission of new States

2. The Guaranty to each State

3. The Obligation to support the Art. of Union

4. The Manner of Ratification

5. The Manner of Alteration.

6. The Plighting of mutual Faith

To be added

1. How many States will be necessary to assent to this Plan

2. What Day shall be appointed for the States to give an Answer

3. Qu. whether any Thing should be said as to the Amendment by the States

4. As to the Introduction of the Government

Decisions yet to be taken

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