United States Nineteenth Amendment and Edmunds Tucker Act

The Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution secured the right to vote to women.

House of Representatives

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Session 5228: 1919-05-19 12:00:00

The first day of the first session of the Sixty-Sixth Congress

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Representative Elect Berger

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Whereas it is charged that VICTOR BERGER, a Representative elect to the Sixty-sixth Congress from the State of Wisconsin, is ineligible to a seat in the House of Representatives; and

Whereas such charge is made through a Member of the House, and on his responsibility as such Member, and on the basis, as he asserts, of public records and papers evidencing such an ineligibility :

Resolved, That the question of the prima facie right of VICTOR BERGER to be sworn in as a Representative of the State of Wisconsin of the Sixty-sixth Congress, as well as of his final right to a seat therein as such Representative, be referred to a special committee of nine Members of the House, to be appointed by the Speaker; and until such committee shall report upon and the House decide such question and right, the said VICTOR BERGER shall not be sworn in nor be permitted to occupy a seat in this House; and said committee shall have power to send for persons and papers and examine witnesses on oath relative to the subject matter of this resolution.

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