United States Nineteenth Amendment and Edmunds Tucker Act [Early Access - Work in Progress]

The Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution secured the right to vote to women.

United States Senate

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Session 4825: 1919-05-19 12:00:00

First Day of an Extraordinary Session of The Congress of the United States

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List of Senators

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Alabama-John H. Bankhead and Oscar W. Underwood.

Arizona-Henry F. Ashurst and Marcus A. Smith.

Arkansas-Joseph T. Robinson and William F. Kirby.

California-James D. Phelan and Hiram W. Johnson.

Colorado-Charles S. Thomas and Lawrence C. Phipps.

Connecticut-Frank B. Brandegee and George P. McLean.

Delaware-Josiah O. Wolcott and L. Heisler Ball.

Florida-Duncan U. Fletcher and Park Trammell.

Georgia-Hoke Smith and William J. Harris.

Idaho-William E. Borah and John F. Nugent.

Illinois-Lawrence Y. Sherman and Medill McCormick.

Indiana-James E. Watson and Harry S. New.

Iowa-Albert B. Cummins and William S. Kenyon.

Kansas-Charles Curtis and Arthur Capper.

Kentucky-J. C. W. Beckham and Augustus O. Stanley.

Louisiana-Joseph E. Ransdell and Edward James Gay.

Maine-Bert M. Fernald and Frederick Hale.

Maryland-.John Walter Smith and Joseph I. France.

Massachusetts-Henry Cabot Lodge and David I. Walsh.

Michigan-Charles E. Townsend and Truman H. Newberry.

Minnesota--Knute Nelson and Frank B. Kellogg.

Mississippi-John Sharp Williams and Pat Harrison.

Missouri--James A. Reed and Selden P. Spencer.

Montana-Henry L. Myers and Thomas J. Walsh.

Nebraska-Gilbert M. Hitchcock and George W. Norris.

Nevada-Key Pittman and Charles B. Henderson.

New Harmpshire-George H. Moses and Henry W. Keyes.

New Jersey-Joseph S. Frelinghuysen and Walter E. Edge.

New Mexico-Albert B. Fall and Andrieus A. Jones.

New York-James W. Wadsworth, jr., and William M. Calder.

North CaTolina-F. M. Simmons and Lee S. Overman.

North Dakota-Porter J. McCumber and Asle J. Gronna.

Ohio-Atlee Pomerene and Warren G. Harding.

Oklahoma-Thomas P. Gore and Robert L. Owen.

Oregon-George E . Chamberlain and Charles L. McNary.

Pennsylvania-Boies Penrose and Philander C. Knox.

Rhode Island-LeBaron B. Colt and Peter G. Gerry.

South Carolina-Ellison D. Smith and Nathaniel B. Dial.

South Dakota-Thomas Sterling and Edwin S. Johnson.

Tennessee-John K . Shields and Kenneth McKellar.

Texas-Charles A. Culberson and Morris Sheppard.

Utah-Reed Smoot and Willam H. King.

Vermont-William P . Dillingham and Carroll S. Page.

Virginia-Thomas S. Martin and Claude A . Swanson.

Washington-Wesley L. Jones and Miles Poindexter.

West Virginia-Howard Sutherland and Davis Elkins.

Wisconsin-Robert M. La Follette a.nd Irvine L. Lenroot.

Wvoming-Francis E. Warren and John B. Kendrick.

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