United States Nineteenth Amendment and Edmunds Tucker Act [Early Access - Work in Progress]

The Nineteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution secured the right to vote to women.

United States Senate

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Session 5131: 1877-12-06 00:00:00

Appointment of standing committees of the second session of the Forty-fifth Congress

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Standing Committees

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Resolved, That the following be the standing committees of the Senate of the United States for the second session of the Forty-fifth Congress:

On Privileges and Elections-Messrs. Wadleigh, (chairman,) Mitchell, Cameron of Wisconsin, McMillan, Hoar, Ingalls, Saulsbury, Merrimon, and Hill.

On Foreign Relations-Messrs. Hamlin, (chairman,) Howe, Conkling, Matthews, Kirkwood, McCreery, Eaton, Johnston, and Wallace.

On Finance-Messrs. Morrill, (chairman,) Dawes, Ferry, Jones of Nevada, Allison, Bayard, Kernan, Wallace, and Voorhees.

On Appropriations-Messrs. Windom, (chairman,) Sargent, Allison, Dorsey, Blaine, Dans of West Virginia, Withers, Eaton, and Beck.

On Commerce-Messrs. Conkling. (chairman,) Spencer, McMillan, Patterson, Jones of Nevada., Gordon, Dennis, Ransom, and Randolph.

On Manufactures-Messrs. Rollins, (chairman,) Burnside, Cameron of Pennsylvania, Johnston, and McPherson.

On Agriculture-Messrs. Paddock, (chairman,) Sharon, Hoar, Davis of West Virginia, and Gordon.

OnMilitary Affairs-Messrs. Spencer, (chairman,) Burnside, Wadleigh, Plumb, Cameron of Pennsylvania, Randolph, Cockrell, Maxey, and Butler.

On Naval Affairs-Messrs. Sargent, (chairman,) .Anthony, Conover, Blaine, Whyte, McPherson, and Jones of Florida. On the Judiciary-Messrs. Edmunds, (chairman,) Conkling, Howe, Christiancy, Davis of lllinois, Thurman; and McDonald.

On Post Offices and Post-Roads-Messrs. Ferry, (chairman,) Hamlin, Paddock, Conover, Kirkwood, Burnside, Saulsbury, Maxey, and Bailey.

On Public Lands-Messrs. Oglesby, (chairman,) Paddock, Booth, Chaffee, Plumb, McDonald, Jones of Florida., Grover, and Garland.

On Private Land Claims-Messrs. Thurman, (chairman,) Bayard, Edmunds, Christiancy, and Grover.

On Indian Affairs-Messrs. Allison, (chairman,) Oglesby, Ingalls, Sanders, McCreery, Coke, and McDonald.

On Pensions-Messrs. Ingalls, (chairman,) Bruce, Kirkwood, Kellogg, Withers, Bailey, and Voorhees.

On Revolutionary Claims-Messrs. Johnston, (chairman,) Jones of Florida, Hill, Dawes, and McMillan.

On Claims-Messrs. McMillan, (chairman,) Mitchell, Cameron of Wisconsin, Teller, Hoar, Cockrell, Hereford, Harris, and,.Morgan.

On the District of Columbia-Messrs. Dorsey, (cii.airman,) Spencer, Ingalls, Rollins, Merrimon, Barnum, and Harris.

On Patents-Messrs. Booth, (chairman,) Wadleigh, Hoar, Kernan, and Morgan.

On Public Buildings and Grounds-Messrs. Dawes, (chairman,) Morrill, Cameron of Pennsylvania, Saulsbury, and Jones of Florida.

On Territories-Messrs. Patterson, (chairman,) Chaffee, Sanders, Kellogg, Garland, Grover, and Hereford.

On Railroads-Messrs. Mitchell, (chairman,) Dawes, Dorsey, Teller, Sanders, Windom, Matthews, Ransom, Barnum, Lamar, and Armstrong.

On Mines and Mining-Messrs. Sharon, (chairman,) Chaffee, Booth, Plumb, Hereford, Coke, and Hill

On the Revision of the Laws-Messrs. Christiancy, (chairman,) Matthews, Davis of Illinois, Wallace, and Kernan.

On Education and Labor-Messrs. Burnside, (chairman,) Patterson, Morrill, Bruce, Sharon, Gordon, Maxey, Bailey, and Lamar.

On Civil Service and Retrenchment-Messrs. Teller, (chairman,) Oglesby, Patterson, Booth, McCreery, Whyte, and Beck.

To Audit and Control the Contingent Expenses of the Senate-Messrs. Jones of Nevada, (chairman,) Rollins, and Dennis.

On Printing-Messrs. Anthony, (chairman,) Sargent, and Whyte.

On the Library-Messrs. Howe, (chairman,) Edmunds, and Ransom.

On Rules-Messrs. Blaine, (chairman,) Ferry, and Merrimon.

On Engrossed Bills-Messrs. Bayard, (chairman,) Withers, and Anthony.

On Enrolled Bills-Messrs. Conover, (chairman,) Paddock, and Armstrong.

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