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United States Bill of Rights 1789

Twelve articles of amendment to the Constitution, introduced in September 1789 by Congress.

Cite as: Lauren Davis, Nick Williford, Sebastian Bates, and Lusiana Castiglione (eds.), United States Bill of Rights 1789, Quill Project at Pembroke College (Oxford, 2019).

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11 historical records used for this dataset.


11 committees met in 136 sessions. Average 12.363636363636363 sessions each.

Dates from Wednesday, 04 March 1789 to Monday, 28 September 1789.

Person icon People:

92 people in 11 voting delegations.

Top 5 most active people are:

Summary of person events:

  • 198 Person join icon join a committee.
  • Person leave icon leave a committee.
  • 65 Person elect icon elections to a position.

Procedure icon Procedures:

258 procedural motions considered.

Summary of procedural events:

  • 258 Procedural motion icon procedural motion proposed.
  • 18 Debate motion icon motions debated.

Document icon Documents:

42 documents considered with 230 amendments presented.

Summary of document events:

  • 42 Create a new document proposal new documents created.
  • 31 Document copied documents passed from another committee.
  • 230 Document amended amendments to a document proposed.
  • 41 Debate a document proposal debates on a proposal.

Voting icon Decisions:

556 number of decisions made.

Summary of decision made:

  • 369 Vote adopt icon proposals adopted.
  • 101 Vote reject icon proposals rejected.
  • 31 Vote refer icon proposals referred to another committee.
  • 15 Postpone debate icon debate of a proposal postponed.
  • 35 Vote drop icon proposal dropped from discussion without a formal vote.
  • 5 Vote drop icon some other decision on a proposal.

List of proposals by delegation

List of proposals by person